A Green 20Thirteen

24 Dec

The human eye can distinguish between 2.4 million shades of green, far more then it can distinguish any other color. That means it would be utterly natural for us to rock 2013 in its official color: Emerald Green!

If you are thinking green isn’t the color to suit your complexion, let me help with a quick round up of various shades of green in clothing, make-up, accessories & more through out the coming year and starting with this feast below:

Tops in varying shades of dazzling green are already making way to all the top retail outlets in the country featuring both trendy tees from international brands and long shirts from our local designers in materials ranging from stretchy hosiery, chiffon,  charmeuse silks and linens.

Shopaholic moi spied some delicious pieces in store at Brands Just Pret, Next & Ayesha Khurram

green tops


When I think Emerald I also think peacock.
Indulge in peacock feather earrings & headbands or perhaps a blinged out peacock version embroidered on your shirt & bedazzled with crystals.
The best thing I like about peacock feather accessories is the DIY!


But if not, drop in to your local silversmith or one of the million shops selling artificial and take your pick.

If however you cant want to wear shades of green to a certain occasion; add a pop of color to your beige and blacks with some green eye make up. Allow me to toot my own horn with the selfie make-up snaps below 😉

green eyeshade

[Used: Mac Primer,  Maybelline Hyper Cosmos, Europe Girl 36, Art Deco Liquid Liner & Mascara]

Goes without saying that dark velvety greens do a great job in highlighting both light brown eyes and olive skin tone. For a lighter more casual look you could also try a forest green kohl liner on nude eyes.
Pair heavy eye makeup with nude lipsticks but at any point, a bright red lipstick with green is a total no-no. Unless you are dressing as a parrot for Halloween.

Finally, shopaholic spotted the perfect pair of shoes to go with her green peshwaas for a friend’s wedding next week at Mantra *Drool*398206_10151233784206210_1094764575_n

Just remember…don’t over do it!
Keep one piece of clothing and accessory in the color you are trying to highlight

Shopaholic is also thinking of getting some bright green embroidery done on a plain beige kurti 😉





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