Velvet Nails (Flocking)…Tried it yet?

6 Feb

Fluffy velvet covered nails have been the love of nail art enthusiasts for the past few months all over the world and have finally (Thank Goodness) made way to PK land by way of online shopping!

Technically known as ‘Flocking’, the process is a 1..2..3.. step to cute velvety nails

You need:
1. Chose your color for the day from the Flocking powder set [ I chose mauve & dark brown]

flock 1

2. Grab a Matching/clear nail color [Mine is Toronto byColor Studio]

flock 2

3. A plastic bowl (So you can scoop up the powder that falls to the sides and put it back in the jar)

Now the idea is to proceed nail by nail coz the flocking powder will only adhere to wet nail color!

1. Apply color on your nail
2. Immediately sprinkle the flocking powder on it and let it set
3. Now blow away the rest!


flock 3

A Korean brand of flocking powder called ‘Rui Li’ is available on online shops in Pakistan, Each little box is good for 20+ nail applications.
For anywhere else in the world ask for ‘Fluffy Nails’

– Flocking powder clumps. So before you begin fluff it up with ur fingers
– Try not to inhale this powder. Its extremely fine and can cause sneezing.



2 Responses to “Velvet Nails (Flocking)…Tried it yet?”

  1. pinkpearline March 28, 2013 at 8:25 pm #

    Where did you get that flocking powder? Looks lovely

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