What to get for your man this Valentines?

8 Feb

6 days to go and you’re still confused what to get for him?

Shopaholic conducted a small survey and asked the men what they actually like to get as a gift and here is what most said:

In a new relationship:

“Anything goes – something small ideally.” – ZK Islamabad

“Let’s just go for dinner” – FA Karachi

In a steady relationship:

” In an ideal world, a concert where both me and my lady could go to” – FB Karachi

“Something I could show off – a watch or a shirt for e.g.” ZK Islamabad

As a husband:

“I’d love something she made herself, be it dinner, a card or even a home-made gift she put her love into” – FB Karachi

” A romantic evening somewhere private and her looking beautiful just for me” – MN Lahore

Considering what men think, the first thing you should do is go shopping for yourself 😉
But here’s also a list of gifts you can get depending either on your man’s interests or your budget

For a Foodie:

– Set of personalized plates and glasses for him & yourself (DIY) – PKR 500


A permanent marker, a set of plain plates and an oven is all you need. Write / draw/ doodle your  message on the plate and heat it in an oven at 350 degrees. Let cool. 

– Book a Chef’s special at the best place in town
Visit Karachi Snob for Valentine dinner deals.

– A home cooked dinner



Musician or Music Lover:

– A signed instrument. – Starting @ PKR 12,000
If you have contacts in the media industry, getting an autograph on an instrument should be a shoo-in. Cant get it signed? An instrument still makes a great gift

– Vintage gramophone & records – Starting @ PKR 4000 
Not only will this be a gift but a definite conversation starter in your home. The antiques market in 
Saddar Karachi has a few working pieces with records ranging between PKR 4000-10,00

– Hand-made Records Collage – Starting @PKR 500
A visit to your local Sunday Bazar’s flea market section. Scout through the junk and you’ll definitely find
LPs and records with covers in great condition. Go to any frames wala, get it framed and put it up in your
music corner or lounge




Ps: Did you know that if you apply a little heat via a candle or hot water to a record at varying angles….It
turns into a bowl? 🙂
Check the tutorial here -> Record Bowl






– If he is the sort who is concerned about his looks
–  Gift voucher for the spa – Starting at PKR 2000
– Electronic grooming products like a Philishaver – Starting at PKR 3000

Movie / Gaming Enthusiast:
– Joy pads or additional controllers – The more the merrier! – Starting at PKR 4200/-
– His fave super hero t-shirt or hoodie – Loads on Daraz.pk starting at PKR 800/-
– A private movie evening for him & youbackyard-movie-theatre1

Now here’s how this could work. Borrow / rent a projector (Rent PKR 3000) set up a couch/ mattress in your 

backyard / rooftop. Hook up the projector to your laptop, don’t forget hooking some speakers too. Touch up the surroundings with some fairy lights (PKR 300) Pop some corn in the microwave. Enjoy either his favorite movie or pick from a list of Top Love Movies of All Times



Gadget Junkie:

– wireless speakers.
I’ve personally fallen in love with the Logitech Mini Boombox for PKR 6050/- while a more pro-option is the Creative S2 for PKR 11,000/- 

Sony Ericsson Live view watch – PKR 4000 – 15,000
As a product, this is a bit redundant but as a Karachiite and given the mugging happening at every nook and cranny. I’d definitely would want my hubby to keep his phone on silent and stash it away while checking any urgent messages or call notifications on this deceptively simple looking watch!
Scour the online shops before buying as prices vary on each

Customized Options:
Nothing says Love like your names written together!

– Personalized fridge magnets, scrap-book & Key chain
I’ve recently fallen in love with the stuff the talented girls at Firefly, Life.Twinkles & Zee-Handmade with love keep putting up. Take your pick from the highly customizable and super economical array of magnets, key chains, wallet cards, scrap books and albums

Something I always wanted to start (& this maybe the perfect oppotunity to do is) is to keep a “Counting my blessings” Jar by my bedside. A little note containing anything nice that happened to you that day or your hubby did for you…makes things easier to get by when times are tough 🙂
…& Hey, That might just be the perfect gift for you & your man this Valentines!


2 Responses to “What to get for your man this Valentines?”

  1. Afia February 8, 2013 at 2:40 pm #

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah BRILLIANT post. Thank you so much for this!

  2. Tya Khan February 8, 2013 at 3:02 pm #

    ooo i love the backyard movie idea 😀
    soooooooooooooooooo romantic *sigh*

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