Valentine Gift Guide for your Lady!

9 Feb

Now that facilitated the girls with a complete guide of gift options for their men, it’s to help out the men folk…who honestly need more help here then us!

Female Insight 1: Most of the girls love flowers and chocolates but not getting them as the main gift cause flowers wilt and chocolates get digested. Both ultimately have to be thrown away. So unless you are just starting to get to know someone and are playing (really really really) safe or you have the love of flowers and chocolates on record, get something (big or small) that can stay with her for a long long time!

Female Insight 2: Giving cash or just flowers/chocolates as gift kinda implies you didn’t gave the entire deal much thought or efforts. Minus points!

Given below are a range of options you can pick and chose from based on your budget & relationship level

Haven’t known her for long:

– Dinner at a nice resteraunt
Most places these days serve not only a thematic ambience and a dinner but often a small memento. Chose from a huge array at Karachi Snob or avail deals from (pkr 3000+)

– Perfume
Because of its cliche nature, perfumes are not as intimate a gift as it used to be. Scentsation & Beaute Collection offer 250 ml bottles of all popular brands starting from PKR 2000 onwards

– Silk scarf/Jewelry box
Once again not as intimate as a clothing item or jewelry itself but a starter. Jewelry boxes are available at almost every gift shop for an average of PKR 800-1500. For a better version check out


 the velvet lined leather boxes available at Samsonite and Hub (PKR-5000+)

– Body Shop gift hamper – Safest bet ever. (PKR 3000+)




Things are serious:
– Jewelry
Jewelry is a very intimate gift and the peice you gift could easily determine your feelings for her. Its a thin roped bracelet or chunky statement bracelet depending on the taste of your woman. The glam sort love statement accesories so either check out the stuff she has been liking lately OR check out Lemon Tree Accessories, Desire Accessories or your local silver smith like Heritage at Park Towers for varying prices and products


– Wrist Watch
Checkout original Cartiers, Hamptons & Gc Ceramic at Life Style Collection (Karachi) Starting at PKR 15,000 or hunt for first copies at Park Towers (Starting at PKR 4000) in either case remember that the craze for 2013 is Rose Gold

– bags / clutches
A working woman would love a large-ish bag for all her stash in soft genuine leather only. A wide variety in styles & colors are available at Hub, Jafferjees & Silkskin. (PKR 6000)
However, if her love for parties and going out is more predominant, get her an original or a first copy Alexander McQueen *drool* knuckle buster clutch from Desire. (pkr 5000)

About to tie the knot
– Dance classes for both of you together. Register with Actone, Body Beats or RainTree Spa (PKR 2000 P/w)

For the Wifey:
– Weekend Vacation *Hallelujah*
Rent a hut at Tushan beach for the weekend or drive up to Nathiagali. If that doesn;t suit your fancy, fly over to Dubai for the week. 

– Clothing:
Take the liberty of chosing either something only you’d like to see her in or show her off in. For smart casuals, choose from the latest valentine variety from Fnk Asia, Daaman (PKR 3500-5500)or for Semi Formals from an array of designers under one roof at Brands Just Pret (PKR 5500-15000)



– Matching wrist watches
Whether you chose an original from LifeStyle Colletion or London watches (PKR 30,000+); or get replicas (pkr 8000+)…getting an engraving of a small message under the dial would make it even more timeless.




– Massager
from hand helds, to foot focused or the luxurious body massaging chairs. Its a treat for both of you. Compare prices at Osim.

– Desktop memento
If you have a working wife and you havent gotten her something similar already, get a picture framed of either yourself and her; or of a cherished memory. Everytime she goes to her desk, you are bound to make her smile

DIYonce again I’d highly recommend the girls who do customized gifts from the post below but more then that, what women love most is what you make yourself. Check out for ideas!

A thought;
Valentine’s Day has a commercial glam appeal but don’t limit the expression for your love or affection only to this day…Let every action show your partner that you care.


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  1. pinkpearline March 28, 2013 at 8:22 pm #

    haha I like how you have categorized it in relationship level 😛 fun readin it

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