Blue Mascara – Brands, Tips & Tricks

25 Feb

Blue mascaras are raging back in and but are far more chicer then those in the 80’s!

Various shades of blue are easily available in the Pakistani market, but which one is for you?


If you are anywhere below 25 or can carry of a punk look (are you sure??!!) bright blues, teal and cerulean are the shades to go for; like the Rimmel Extra Super lash in Electric Blue (PKR 650/-)
It not only delivers good color to the lashes but its unique wand helps to separate and define lashes giving you a wide-eyed look

Compliment with a smudged dash of nude, pale yellow or shimmery white to enhance the blue.



Above 25?
Navy & Royal are the shades you should strictly stick to to carry of a look that says panache and elegance.

Desi Brown eyes love dark blue mascara and make the whites pop too for a bright-eyed look on one of those tired eyes days.  Some of the brands you should definitely invest in are:

1. Maybelline Great Lash in Royal Blue (PKR 850/-)
2. L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Blackest Blue (PKR 1100/-)

Both brands are easily available at all leading cosmetic stores!

125935796-260x260-0-0_l+oreal+l+oreal+voluminous+false+fiber+lashes+masc alo-412_1z



1. Never pair blue mascaras with red lipstick, but chose more serene shades of pink or nude. Lip stains look fab with blue mascaras

2. Various shades of blue needs several coats to truly appear on our dark lashes. A simple way to avoid multiple coats and clumping is to let your concealer or liquid foundation smudge the lashes. Dust it with loose powder and then apply the mascara.

3. Worried your blue lashes would look too garish? Apply black mascara on the top lashes and blue on the lower ones to get the color and the pop but still remain in the classic black category.

4. Offset your blue lashes with a soft shadow liner in the same shade towards the outer corner to give an illusion of thicker lashes and a prominent eye shape.


blue-mascara-1980s-color-mascara SAM_3324 wearing-ysl-blue-mascara


2 Responses to “Blue Mascara – Brands, Tips & Tricks”

  1. Must Have Boxes February 26, 2013 at 12:42 am #

    I love these bold mascara colors! Great tips.

    – KW

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