Pants for the Petite.

11 Mar

Yes the word is petite!

Not healthy, not chubby, certainly not a pear!

A friend on FB via her status recently revealed the pants problem that each and everyone of us faces. Which ones for us?

Its unfortunate though that the majority of females in the world are of this body type and YET find it impossible to find the perfect pair of pants. So find yourself a good tailor or a plus size store (none in PK) and follow these tips!

Golden Rules:
– Dark colors reduce and light colors broaden!
– pants cropping just around the ankles tend to cop your height too
– Poofy tops should be paired with slim pants and vice versa. 

Curvaceous with a cinched waist:

Blame it on office jobs or family tendency but the fact remains that hips are the first to broaden given a chance. But if it accompanies a comparatively cinched waist, you are in luck.
Your keyword is STRAIGHT!

– Straight and loose from the hips down for dress pants or for fabrics with a fall
– Straight with the slimmest boot cut (if at all) for jeans
– or straight skinnies if your thighs and calves don’t look segmented or out of proportion.

pantspants 2


Stop! Its not as band as it sounds. Waistless happens when your waist merges with a very flat chest and bum; so its actually about m

aking curves appear to stop looking like a rectangle (Lucky!)

– Skinnies, Tights and everything tightening at your ankles should be your new best friend. It adds girth to your waist.
– Go crazy with the embellishments on the pants
– remember the light/dark rule to accentuate your best features

Wider lower half:

I am a happy birdie if I’m just looking at my narrow shoulders and a nice slim top half but thats where it stops. No, thats where it starts broadening actually. Affectionately called the pear, we make the most common body types that plague Pakistani women and its all a conspiracy coz schools, colleges and offices make us sit all day long – Not *sigh*

Slimmer top halves allow ladies to help themselves to a variety of tops but when it comes to pants; you must

– Stick with straight cuts from the knee down
– Slim Bootcuts. Even in extreme cases they must not flare wider then your hips
– Never the jeans with embellishments on the waist or pockets. Opt for vertical pinstripes instead
– Pallazo pants in small prints or solid colors look amazing when paired with a mid thigh length, well fitting shirt (Keep them bums covered)
– Your pants should always been in a darker color then your top

Go crazy at the cute prints and bordered fabrics available at Ashiana and pair it with a bohemian chiffon blouse to show off your narrow shoulders, chest and skinny arms 🙂

pants 3

Wider Top Half:

All of the above, inverted to suit your top half. Thats dark colors, minimalistic cuts, no ruffles or embellishments and definitely never a lighter color then your pants.
Show off those legs in flared bottoms that balance out your shoulders. Avoid skinnies as they tend to enhance the width up top.

Muffin Top: (heavy chest and midriff)

– Slim bootcuts accentuated with heels
– Straight tailored trousers from the knee-down
– Avoid pairing skinnies or tights with a loose shirt – it makes people look like walking lollypops *grimace*

pants 4


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  1. Tya Khan March 12, 2013 at 6:53 pm #

    ooo sexyyy

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