The myth behind the Mythic Oil

25 Mar


Don’t we all keep looking for that magic potion that instantaneously provides beautiful strong hair? 🙂

In my usual hunts for the same, I came across this product and decided to see the result for 4 weeks before recording a review.

The mythic oil (nourishing oil) in a bottle is actually a serum and different from the Mythic oil spa treatment at the salons. Contrary to popular misunderstanding, this serum is not to be used for oiling or massaging; instead is to be lightly applied to shower damp hair before drying.

Packaged in a plastic pump bottle, it holds enough serum to easily last you for more than 8 months.

Mythic Oil’s consistency is very light oil with a subtle nutty fragrance & It hardly leaves an oily residue on your palms. Instantly makes hair soft, frizz and tangle free while protecting them from the thermal blast of hairdryers and straighteners.

Mythic oil coated hair without a blow-dry leaves hair in soft waves which can be straightened in a single sweep of the straightener; hence reducing the damage.

While for those with curly hair, a good dollop of the mythic oil spread evenly though your hair leaves those curls smooth and shiny without having the urge to brush them through.

At the end of 4 weeks, my hair quality has improved considerably and since I don’t need to blow-dry or straighten hair as frequently, the hair fall rate has decreased too.

Price: PKR 2500
Available: At all top beauty stores and online shops.


3 Responses to “The myth behind the Mythic Oil”

  1. Tya Khan March 25, 2013 at 11:36 pm #

    seems like i shud try it too :)))

  2. Kiran April 3, 2014 at 3:04 pm #

    I am from Peshawar, how I can get it. I tried a lot but didn’t get it on line in Pakistan. Would you help me in this regard.

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