Look Book – Purple tights combo with white

28 May

I’ve noticed that someone has been consistently searching for a ‘Purple Tights Combo’ which has been linking to my blog for the last 2 weeks…. (which one of you silent readers is it? haan haan?) :p

Well I took that as a suggestion and came up with 2 looks of the purple tights combo with white that someone like me would be super comfy in and yet look like a complete fashionista.

The best part, all of the things paired up are available in Pakistan via retail shops, online or from your tailor 😉

1. Lunch Date

The weather is insanely hot these days and as much as we’d love to dress up for a lunch date, it ends up looking downright uncomfortable.
This look can be completed with a messy topknot & matte barely there make-up. Opt for cotton tights rather then lycra to keep it sweat free!

AGITM-purple tights combo

2. In the Bloom

I love this look probably because it has some of my favorite accessories from Accessorize Pakistan.

purple combo 2

However if you aren’t comfy with a shorter shirt with tights, you could also switch tops with some of these gorgeous white tops from Sublime by Sara 


sublime by sara

sublime whiteWhat do you think?
Comments/Suggestions! ❤






3 Responses to “Look Book – Purple tights combo with white”

  1. Tya Khan May 28, 2013 at 2:50 pm #

    noiceeee, love white in summer heat 😀

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